Innocent UNLESS Proven Guilty, NOT Innocent UNTIL Proven Guilty

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The Difference Between “Unless” and “Until” and Why You Should Care
There is a major distinction between “unless” and “until” and people get it wrong all the time. It’s details that helped me secure a not guilty verdict in my first jury trial. And it’s details that are the difference between a “guilty” and “not guilty” verdict.

These Cases Changed Me and Will Forever Impact You
It was my freshman year of college when I knew I wanted to be an attorney and fight for liberty. When I learned of the all the liberties that resulted from decisions made in courtrooms, I was moved and motivated. In that moment I knew I wanted to influence social issues that impact our day-to-day lives and our freedoms. Landmark United States Supreme Court decisions such as Roe v. WadeLoving v. Virginia, and Brown v. Board of Education, motivated me to want to defend zealously the Constitutional rights and human rights of all of us.

The Double-Edge Sword of Today’s Immigration Law and How It Effects You
Criminal Defense and Immigration Law are forever intertwined. If you are not a United States citizen, and you have been arrested, you may not only lose your immigration status, you may also be at risk of deportation/removal from the United States. If you are not a United States citizen and you have been arrested, you may become inadmissible to the United States if you travel outside the country or even to Puerto Rico. In 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Padilla v. Kentucky changed the landscape of criminal defense and immigration law, by requiring criminal defense lawyers to accurately advise non-U.S.-citizen defendants about the immigration consequences to a criminal court plea. Failure to do so, would result in ineffective assistance of counsel!

What This Means To You
If you are a non-U.S.-citizen charged with a criminal offense, you MUST seek the advice of an immigration attorney so that you may properly assess the impact that your criminal case will undoubtedly have on your immigration status.

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