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When Dealing with Sex-Related Charges, Act Quickly
Being charged with a crime involving sex in any manner is always a serious charge that carries serious penalties: the potential loss of liberty, the risk of damaging an accused’s reputation, the potential for loss of employment, and future business opportunities are all concerns for someone charged with a sex-related crime.  These types of cases, like most, require the prompt attention of experienced counsel. More than the potential loss of liberty, a sex charge carries serious and very permanent social consequences that can damage a person’s reputation, livelihood, family, job, stability, and so much more. A person accused of these crimes should immediately seek counsel so as to become well-educated on the process of his/her defense, which should begin as quickly as possible.

Sex Crimes
Child Abuse
Child Molestation
Child Pornography
Child Procurement
Date Rape
Failure to Register as a sex offender
Indecent Exposure
Internet Pornography Crimes
Lewd Conduct
Sexual Assault
Sexual Battery
Solicitation of Prostitution
Statutory Rape